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Empire’s 500 Five-Star Collection

June 9, 2011

A few months ago, Empire Magazine published their 500 Five-Star Reviews collection.  Being an avid reader of the magazine, I bought this special edition and have since begun adding the films contained within to my LoveFilm list or personal DVD collection, with my aim being to watch every single one of these ‘all-time classics’.  I will then blog about each film, with a review and my own personal rating.

There are, of course, hundreds of ‘Best Film of All Time’ lists…so why did I decide to go with this particular one?  Well, the problem with a lot of Best Film lists is that they tend to be influenced by what is popular at the time.  You might get films in like Saw, or (as in the case of the imdb Top 250) How To Train Your Dragon.  Now I love HTTYD, but is it likely to be remembered in ten years time as an all-time classic?  Sadly not.  However, I know from reading Empire for years that they are generally quite choosy over what they give maximum marks to…and any film which has not, in fact, ended up standing the test of time has been omitted from this particular collection.  I trust the Empire reviewers and so I feel confident that while I may not agree with the whole list, it will be an interesting, diverse and enjoyable collection that I won’t regret devoting my time to.  Of course, I have seen many of them before, but no matter; they will be rewatched for the purposes of this project.

I will be watching the films in a rough alphabetical order-I won’t move onto the B’s until I have finished all of the A’s, but those A’s won’t follow any particular pattern.  140 minute-plus films will have to wait for weekends, which means I might watch Audition before Apocalypse Now or Alien before The Age of Innocence.  You get the picture, I’m sure!

First review will be up tonight…enjoy!

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