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500 Five-Star: Annie Hall (1977)

June 10, 2011


Annie Hall has been one of my favourite films for a long, long time.  Yet even after multiple viewingss, I’m still always surprised by just how inventive and imaginative it is.  Almost everything about it is faultless, from the unique storytelling to the sweet yet entirely realistic romance to the numerous hilarious moments.  The life of Alvy Singer and his relationship with the titular Annie is explored via a number of techniques including animation, subtitled mindreading, stand-up comedy and straight to camera anecdotes, all of which feel entirely natural rather than like unnecessary trickery.  It quite honestly puts modern-day romantic comedies to shame; such a simple story, but told so brilliantly (almost the exact opposite to what we so often have to sit through these days).  Diane Keaton won an Oscar for effectively playing herself, but it’s Woody Allen’s Alvy who impresses me most…probably because, as my husband claims, he’s somehow almost as neurotic as me!



Close to perfection.  Empire got it right…


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