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500 Five-Star: Aladdin (1992)

June 19, 2011


I wasn’t allowed to see Aladdin at the cinema.  My mam didn’t want to see it, and at eight years old, I had to live with her decision.  I finally got to see it on a family holiday a couple of years later, when it was the nightly feature at Butlins in Skegness…I still remember that night vividly, because I absolutely LOVED it.  My brother was bored and climbing all over the seats, probably bothering pretty much everyone there, apart from me who was too engrossed in the film to care.  Imagine my dismay then, when for Christmas that year, my parents bought him the video instead of me!  Luckily, my brother and I were close and that meant that I could make him watch it with me pretty much whenever I wanted, and I made him watch it a lot.  He soon realised that it was, in fact, brilliant and so we used to spend our days tucked up in his bedroom watching and rewatching the film (as I tended to do with all new Disney releases).  We also had the SNES computer game, which for anyone who hasn’t played it, is also quite excellent.  Back in the day, Disney used to produce fiendishly difficult, challenging platformers as film tie-ins (if you don’t believe me, seek out Beauty and the Beast and try to go twenty seconds without dying), and the magic carpet level of the game is still one of my all time favourite video game moments.

But I’m digressing…basically, what I want to say is that Aladdin is awesome.  Funny and dramatic with brilliant songs, stupendous animation and of course Robin Williams doing what he does best.  It should be a part of everyone’s life, child or adult.




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