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500 Five-Star: Apollo 13 (1995)

August 7, 2011


I wouldn’t be much of a film blogger if I didn’t appreciate a good arthouse or foreign language film.  However, sometimes, it is really good to just sit back and enjoy a corny Hollywood blockbuster.  It’s also good to remember that, despite the dreadful Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks is actually a very likeable and talented star.  Apollo 13 is a great story, well-told, and there’s not much more you could want for a lazy night in.  Ok, perhaps there’s a little too much space jargon, which stops the viewer from fully immersing themselves into the film…but then you could also say that Howard’s commitment to realism is quite commendable.  Let’s face it, whichever way he went, he would have been criticised.  The special effects are excellent, the acting superb, and the ending genuinely tense despite knowing the outcome throughout.  Basically, it’s a Ron Howard Movie™; there may not be anything particularly groundbreaking about it, but it’s a solid piece of entertainment.



I disagree with Empire: Apollo 13 is not a five-star film in my opinion.  It’s a well above-average film, never less than enjoyable, but not particularly exciting either.


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