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DVD Round-Up (July 2011)

August 13, 2011


The September Issue is specifically about the production of Vogue’s most important issue of the year.  If you look at it from this point of view, it is a successful film.  It certainly gives the viewer an entertaining behind-the-scenes glance of the most famous magazine in the world (though it’s unlikely you’ll find much to interest you if you don’t care for fashion).  However, ‘The September Issue’ is also a gateway into the world of editor Anna Wintour…a woman who, to put it mildly, is American Vogue.  She is the focus of almost every scene; if she herself is not on the screen, those who are are almost certain to be talking about her.  Wintour is a fascinating figure, of that there is no doubt.  However, no attempt is made to explore what makes her so fascinating, and so intimidating a creature, and given the amount of screentime dedicated to her, a little more depth would have been welcome.  As it turns out, the film ultimately ends up belonging to Wintour’s creative director Grace Coddington.  Her role in the film may be as a convenient adversary to Wintour, yet her warm, open manner leaves a much more memorable impression on the viewer.




Unlike ‘The September Issue’, Hot Tub Time Machine doesn’t take itself seriously at all (well, of course it doesn’t.  You only have to look at the title to figure that out)…and it’s not hard to guess which is the most entertaining.  ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ is a guilty pleasure that knows it’s a guilty pleasure, and it’s massively enjoyable.  The cast are all excellent, the script sharp and funny and it’s just a whole lot of fun.




And now for something completely different.  Exit Through The Gift Shop is possibly meant to be taken seriously, but it probably isn’t.  It’s possibly a genuine documentary, but it probably isn’t.  It’s possibly one of the most innovative, exciting documentaries in history…but if I say that, I’m probably as bad as the people in the film who fawn over the poorly-conceived ‘art’ made by a clueless, desperate individual (…or is he?).  Confused?  Yes, well, it’s that sort of film.  Watch it (whatever you do, WATCH IT) and make up your own minds.


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