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500 Five-Star: Amadeus (1984)

September 15, 2011


Amadeus was another in that very long list of mine ‘Films I really want to see, but just never get around to’.  Now that I finally had an excuse, was it worth the wait?  Absolutely.  Amadeus is an almost perfect piece of entertainment.  The story and characters are fascinating, the acting is incredible, the production design sumptuous and the music (of course) amazing.  Both F. Murray Abraham and John Hulce (as Salieri and Mozart, respectively) give outstanding performances in the lead roles; while Abraham won the Best Actor Oscar, I personally prefer Hulce whose Mozart is suitably OTT without ever losing the human genius behind these dramatics.  The story, adapted from Peter Shaffer’s play, is liberal with the truth, designed like of one of Mozart’s own operas rather than a straightforward serious biopic, and it’s all the more pleasurable as a result.  The sense of jealousy, betrayal and manipulation is nothing less than Shakespearean and it’s fabulously entertaining.



Despite a runtime of almost three hours, I was still sad when it ended.  A true cinematic classic.



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