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500 Five-Star: Aliens (1986)

October 10, 2011

Apologies for the sudden disappearance…I’ve been off on my holidays, without a laptop or a DVD player in sight.  All settled back now, which means we’re off again, and inching very close to the end of the As (finally!).


I’ve already reviewed one James Cameron film for this project, and I could probably copy and paste huge chunks of that blog into this one.  Honestly, Jim…I love you, but HIRE A SCRIPTWRITER.  As with Avatar, as with Titanic, as with The Terminator, the only things letting Aliens down are the cliched writing and cardboard cut-out characters.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Aliens is brilliant.  But wow, imagine just how incredible it could have been with a decent script?  James Cameron is the best action director on the planet, but he should not be allowed near a pen and paper ever again.  My sanity demands it.

Other than that, Aliens is phenomenal entertainment.  It’s everything a sequel should be, taking the heart of the original and then adding something new to the proceedings.  Fantastic effects, fantastic action, and Sigourney being Sigourney…even the clunking dialogue can’t ruin this one.



The dialogue might want to make you bang your head off the wall a few hundred times, but it’s still a classic.


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