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500 Five-Star: Borat (2006)

November 26, 2011


I’ve watched almost fifty films for this project now, and I’m fairly convinced Borat is the one I’ve struggled with the most.  I’m trying to think back to when I saw it at the cinema.  Did I rate it as a five-star film then?  Because, I think the problem now is that I’ve seen it so many times.  I obviously still find it funny, and brilliantly satirical, but it’s lost a lot of the edge it had…and shouldn’t a five star film still be as brilliant five years down the line as it was on first viewing?  The answer therefore seems clear: it’s not worthy of five stars.

BUT. On the other hand, Sacha Baren Cohen’s performance is almost worthy of five stars all on it’s own, and the fact that I’m able to recite so many classic scenes-the dinner party, the driving lesson, the comedy lesson, the naked fight, the rodeo national anthem, to name but a few-probably means the film does deserve five stars over plenty of other films in the list that I’ve given maximum marks to.  I just don’t know.  Even now, I’m reading and re-reading both of these paragraphs, trying to weigh up these pros and cons (and this is after a couple of weeks of mulling it over in my head too).

Therefore, I’m going to pass this over to my husband.  In his words: ‘it has a class lead performance, it’s very original, other films have tried to copy it, and always failed, and no matter how many times you see it, it’s never not enjoyable…and it’s better than a lot of the crap you’ve given five stars to’.



John’s had his say.  We’re agreeing with Empire.


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