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500 Five-Star: The Big Lebowski (1998)

February 9, 2012


I love the Coen Brothers.  I have just about all of their films on DVD (even The Ladykillers).  So, why, why, WHY did I think The Big Lebowski was only ‘pretty good’ before I rewatched it a couple of weeks ago?  It is clearly not ‘pretty good’.  It is clearly ‘bloody brilliant’.  It’s also pure Coen, which is why my previously-held opinion makes even less sense.  You can’t love the Coen Brothers and not love The Big Lebowski.  It just doesn’t work like that.  Why do people love the Coens’ films?  Many reasons: the original, often mental, stories, the pure envy-inducing brilliance of the writing, the madcap (yet somehow still incredibly real) characters, the inventive camerawork.  Basically, everything that is good about cinema can usually be found wrapped up in the lovely film-shaped packages given to us by the Coen Brothers…and I realise now (better late than never) that The Big Lebowski contains all of the above, plus, just to make it extra-magnificent, a never-better Jeff Bridges, and John Goodman as an angry, psychotic, buffoon of a Vietnam veteran.  It’s genius.  Insane genius, yes, but genius.



The Coen Brothers rock, man.  Obviously…


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