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500 Five-Star: Bringing Up Baby (1938)

February 20, 2012


My husband thinks that Bringing Up Baby is just average.  My husband thinks that Katharine Hepburn is really quite annoying.

My husband, ladies and gentlemen, is a lunatic.  Bringing Up Baby is one of the most charming films in Hollywood’s history; it’s funny, whimsical, clever and just plain delightful.  Katharine Hepburn is at her very, very best (it’s my personal favourite performance of hers) and Cary Grant isn’t far behind.  This is partly due to the magnificent script they had to work with (importantly, the characters are as strong and lovable as the stars themselves), but also just the simple fact that the two together ooze chemistry, and seem like they’re having as much of a ball making it as the viewer is watching.



Frankly, if this hadn’t been in the 500 Five-Star films, I’d have thrown the magazine in the bin.  Watch it.  Now.


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