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500 Five-Star: Babe (1995)

August 30, 2012

Empire’s 500 Five-Star magazine does not include every film they’ve ever given maximum marks to.  With numerical constraints come editorial decisions, and so, perhaps unsurprisingly, the likes of An Inconvenient Truth, Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, and numerous others have been pushed out.  I was very surprised on first reading the magazine that Babe was not one of these films.  I had somehow managed to get through the past seventeen years without seeing Babe, but surely, surely, if any film had received five stars based on hype and d’aaaaaaaw-factor, that was it.  Apparently not.  Babe was considered worthy of a spot in the 500, and as a result I found myself eagerly awaiting its arrival from LoveFilm, assuming it must be way more brilliant than I ever suspected.

…Sadly not.

Babe is cute.  It’s definitely cute.  It’s very well-constructed.  James Cromwell is superb.  The animal models are quite masterful.  However…it’s still just a sweet little film about a talking pig that I’d forgotten about within minutes of watching.  It’s hugely entertaining, and a very solid piece of filmmaking, but there’s really nothing that takes it from ‘very good’ to ‘masterpiece’.  I don’t mind the fact that films sometimes get five stars based on hype; it’s inevitable, really.  Everyone LOVED Babe back in 1995, and there were probably five star reviews shooting out from every corner.  However, almost twenty years on, I don’t think anyone seriously regards Babe as a true Hollywood classic.  It’s nostalgic, it’s fluffy, it’s lovely as can be, but a five-star film, it is not.


Babe makes the grade but Finding Nemo doesn’t?  Screw you, Empire.  Screw you.


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